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"The manual is composed with authority and is very simplified. If one really follows the direction given a lot of money can be made. The resources are beyond what most franchises offer." T. Clay, DC

"I was very impressed with the fast turnaround of my order. The manual was very informative and professionally done. You have a great program that can be a solid long term business." K. Melton, TX

"I think the dealership program is one of the best I've seen and can say that this is an honest and dependable program to operate with confidence." M. Hicks, AL

"I have found your names to produce more results than any others and  I am now using your names only." B. Nicely, LA

"I have had results after one week of using your names and dealership. It works!!! Looking forward to doing more business with your company." J. Marks, IL

"I have been extremely pleased with your down to earth approach of your wholesale program, and also your referral program. You are a fine teacher." H. Levine, NY

"Your material is excellent in quality and content. I am looking forward to apply your principles.. attached is my first order." P. Bellanova, CA

"The most responsive names I have ever worked with." F. Burianek, FL

"I have tried very expensive lists with little or no response, but your list draws every time." J. Quicardo, PA

"This is one of, if not THE best quality lists I have ever purchased! The delivery time, quality and response rates have all been fantastic! I'll be ordering from you every month from now on." E. Munson, ID

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"I have used your mailing lists since I started my mail order business. I have tried others but they did not compare. I am impressed with the response I get and the fast delivery when I order. Thank you Paul." M. DeCosimo, MA

"Your names are generating very positive response rates. I expect to be ordering 10,000 names a month very shortly." R. Wallace, WA