Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use both programs to market the list?
Yes- feel free to use both our wholesale and our referral programs if you wish. Just follow the instructions provided for each one. By using a combination of the two programs, you have the ability to customize your marketing plans to fit your own situation.

What exactly does your FREE dealership entitle me to?
Once you have signed and returned the registration form to us, you are given the right to purchase direct-mail names under our wholesale program for your own use or for resale to your customers, and/or have us drop-ship directly to your customers on your behalf. In addition, we are available for free consultation if you have questions or need help...
....Everything else we offer - Packages #1 and #2 and the manual - are all optional items which are provided as a convenience to our dealers. Be aware, for example, that optional package #1 costs just $10 for the complete package of expertly prepared and professionally typeset material and package #2 (our referral program) is also only $10 and includes programming and lifetime maintenance of your website. Our intention is simply to give our dealers access to top-notch sales aids at our cost, but you are not required to buy anything from us in order to sell our leads!

What response rate can be expected with your lists?
We go to great lengths to make our lists as responsive as possible but no-one can predict the results any individual will receive. There are many different elements of any direct-marketed offer which can effect the response rate. However, our experience and that of our dealers shows that if the offer is a good one and is well presented, then our lists will produce profitable results. This is confirmed by the large number of re-orders our dealers receive.

Can I promote the lists on the internet?
You are free to promote our direct-mail names, under your own name, any way you see fit, including on the internet, as long as you do not make any claims about the list that are not made in our literature.
** IMPORTANT: If you are using our REFERRAL PROGRAM , it is expressly forbidden to include your assigned website address, our name, address, e-mail address, fax number, or any other reference to us, in any UNSOLICITED E-MAIL MESSAGES OR FAXES, OR "POP-UPS" OR "POP-UNDERS."  Any violation of this rule will result in loss of any commissions earned and immediate and permanent cancellation of dealer status with us. ** We must be very strict on this issue and there will be no second warnings.

Do you provide other categories of leads?
'Money-Making Opportunity Seekers' is the only category of leads we sell. Statistics show that over 85% of all direct-marketed offers are money-making offers of all kinds (including multi-level and network marketing programs). Since our lists cater to this specific huge market, our dealers are able to provide the type of leads with the highest demand and the largest potential for big profits!
Note: Some list vendors will offer numerous different but related categories of leads. This is often a deception as they are selling the same leads under various categories. This is a common practice but in reality these names are 'opportunity seekers' who are looking for ways to make more money.

How do you avoid duplicating leads on re-orders?
If the previous order and the re-order are more than 30 days apart, the leads will automatically be from a new list. If we receive a re-order less than 30 days after the initial order, our computers will alert us to avoid any duplication.

Can I buy Email Leads at wholesale?
We do not offer email leads at wholesale. They are available through our referral program only. Most customers want their email leads delivered by email and there are logistics problems involved when dealing with computer files and electronic delivery. If we have more than two people involved with the transaction it just gets too complicated and too many things can go wrong.

How are refunds for undeliverables handled?
We refund 75 CENTS for each undeliverable direct-mail name returned to us within 65 days of the original shipping date, provided you return the entire front panel of the mailing piece to us, along with the original label, printout or disk, as stated in our refund policy (depending upon what list format was ordered). You will in turn send the refund to your customer if applicable.  We can afford to offer such a generous refund policy because the percentage of undeliverables is so small. Our names are fresh and accurate! Note: Our materials show a 60 day guarantee but we allow our dealers 5 extra days for mailing to us.
We are unable to offer a refund policy on email leads due to the nature of the product but we do provide extra leads with all orders to compensate for any possible undeliverables.

Can I accept credit-card orders from my customers?
If you have a merchant account and can accept charge cards, we have special versions of our full page printable flyers available which include the credit or debit card ordering option for your customers. If you are ordering any of the following optional items: 'Package #1', 'The Works' or the 'Flat (unfolded) copies of our sales material', just include a note if you want the charge card versions. (*under our referral program, charge card orders are processed through our merchant account).

Can you provide names from specific zip codes or cities?
We do provide zip-sorted direct-mail names for those mailers who use bulk mail or other classes of mail requiring zip-sorting, however, we cannot fill requests for specific zip codes, cities or states. Although our direct-mail names are mail-responsive and geographics have no effect on response rates, we will, upon request, provide zip-sorted names from general geographic regions of the US such as 'midwest', 'southeast', 'central', western, etc (the minimum order for a zip-sorted list is 1,000 names). *We do not sell Canadian names.

Won't too many dealers "saturate" your lists?
We will never allow this to happen. First of all, we remove any lead after it has been on the list for 30 days. We also strictly limit the number of times we sell a lead before it is removed from our data-bank. In addition, if we ever reach a point where we cannot fill all the orders we receive and stay within our quality control limits, we will immediately stop recruiting any new dealers. Maintaining the quality of our lists is a top priority for us. We will not ever let them become saturated by over-selling them. We are committed to always supply our dealers with top quality names at the lowest possible prices.

How fast do you fill orders?
If there's one thing we know about the list business, it's that everyone wants their list 'yesterday'. In the interest of keeping everyone happy, we process all orders within 24 hours whenever possible. On larger orders (20,000 or more leads), it may take us a little longer to process the order (since each order is custom prepared) but you can be sure that we understand the importance of getting orders out as quickly as possible. (All mail deliveries are rush-shipped by first class mail or priority mail, depending on the size of the order.)

How do I know I'll get all my referral commissions?
The last thing we want to do is 'stiff' you on any commissions you have coming to you! Our dealers are very important to us and we always conduct business in an ethical and fair manner - we've been doing business this way for many years and we wouldn't have it any other way. Besides, we know that once you see the commission checks rolling in you'll want to continue marketing our list - this means more profit for both of us! We are in business to stay and you can be confident that we will pay you each and every commission on all orders and re-orders we receive from your referral customers, period!
Note: We have a system in place to identify any re-orders we receive from your referral customers and you are paid on all repeat orders we may receive from them.

How much money can I make selling Lists?
This is probably the most often asked question of all. The answer is really up to you - This is a legitimate business opportunity with virtually unlimited income potential - Your commitment and resources will determine how much you make. We know from experience that $2,000 per week is a very realistic figure with a reasonable amount of effort, we cannot, however, represent that any individual will achieve this income level. You could do more or you could do less. You are being offered a solid, honest and proven money-making business opportunity. What you do with it is ultimately in your own hands. We can tell you what is possible, but you'll never know for yourself unless you give it a try!