About Our Mailing Lists

Since both ourselves and our dealers depend on repeat orders, WE ARE DEDICATED TO MAKING SURE THAT OUR LEADS ARE THE BEST THAT MONEY CAN BUY. Every person on our lists has shown a strong desire to pursue money-making opportunities and many of them have spent their hard-earned money on products, programs and services which they believe will make them more successful..... THESE ARE ALL IDEAL PROSPECTS FOR OFFERS WHICH CAN SHOW THEM HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY.

Our lists are UPDATED DAILY and the entire database is TURNED OVER EVERY 30 DAYS to keep the response rate high and to avoid the "over-use" of any name. YOU WON'T FIND MORE RESPONSIVE LEADS ANYWHERE, AT ANY PRICE!

We have made the cost to our dealers as low as possible for leads of this quality. There is considerable expense involved in obtaining these names and maintaining them to our high standards.... Our direct-mail names are available on 3-across self-adhesive (peel & stick) labels, on CD, or by email delivery, all at no additional charge, and EACH OUTGOING ORDER RECEIVES THE LATEST UPDATE BEFORE IT IS SHIPPED.... In addition, we offer THE BEST CASH GUARANTEE IN THE BUSINESS - We refund 75 CENTS EACH for any undeliverable direct-mail leads returned to us!

It is true that you can buy mailing lists at extremely low prices, but these 'discount' lists are always old, outdated and over-used. Just keep in mind that YOU ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Cheap lists are never properly maintained, because it's simply too expensive to do so and sell at such low prices - as a result, 'bargain' lists can end up costing a lot of money in wasted time, expenses and lost business!

As mentioned earlier, we have a FREE WHOLESALE PROGRAM for our direct-mail leads as well as a REFERRAL PROGRAM which also includes email leads plus your own free marketing web site on our server.

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