Our Referral Program

Our referral program includes Email Leads in addition to our popular direct-mail leads. It also includes your own free permanent website on our server. Click here to see a working sample of what your free website will look like.

This optional program is especially valuable if you are promoting a money-making or multi-level offer where there would be a 'conflict of interest' if you were to try to sell leads to your customers and/or prospects. This program may also appeal to those dealers who prefer to remain anonymous.

Under this program, you refer your customers directly to us and you earn a 50% commission on their initial orders as well as on any  repeat orders they may place. We handle everything for you. Here's how it works:

We provide you with a professionally designed website plus banner ads you can use to promote the website if you wish. You also get a complete package of camera-ready marketing materials with our name and address and your website address in place (*materials include Credit Card & Fax ordering options for your customers!). We will assign you a dealer code which will appear on your website order page and will also be typeset on the order form of all the printed materials we send you...everything will be ready to get copies printed.

When we receive orders bearing your assigned code we will automatically send you a check for 50% of the purchase price. You also automatically receive 50% on all repeat orders. We include a detailed report with your commission checks showing the name & address of each customer, the number and type of leads ordered, the retail price paid and the amount of your commission.

Commissions totaling $20 or more are paid bi-weekly. (smaller amounts are carried forward to the following payment period until such time as your commissions total $20 or more).

Note: We will not duplicate names on orders bearing your code. This is important if the people you refer to us are mailing the same program or offer.

To participate in this optional program, we require a one-time setup charge of $10. This covers the complete package of sales materials showing your assigned code, your own marketing web site on our server, as well as maintenance of your commission account for life. Full instructions are included with this package. This is 'package #2' on the registration form.