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Who are we and what's the deal?

We are a direct-marketing company specializing in money-making opportunity offers. We generate thousands of  "Opportunity Seeker" leads each month. All of these people are looking for ways to make more money. These well qualified prospects are in high demand by other marketers and we are looking for reliable dealers to help distribute these leads and share in the BIG PROFITS!

THIS IS A FREE DEALERSHIP WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PURCHASE REQUIREMENTS OR MEMBERSHIP FEES... To activate your free dealership all you have to do is register with us (it's Free). YOU ARE THEN ELIGIBLE TO BUY OUR DIRECT-MAIL LEADS AT LOW WHOLESALE PRICES FOR YOUR OWN USE OR FOR RESALE... . There's No Strings, No Cost and No Obligation. We provide everything you need to get started making money right away.

Our up-to-date, computer maintained lists are very responsive to good money-making offers of all kinds and generate a large percentage of repeat orders, but we can't cover the huge market alone.... rather than sell our leads through a broker, we've decided to make them available exclusively through a SELECT GROUP OF INDEPENDENT RESELLERS LIKE YOURSELF!

The demand for responsive prospect lists is booming like never before - record numbers of newcomers are starting new business ventures every year - this is creating tremendous demand for high-quality "opportunity" oriented prospect lists. It's just impossible for one company to reach the millions of potential customers each year...that's why we are offering this free dealership...  we get to sell more names and YOU GET TO MAKE MOST OF THE PROFIT! A real win-win situation for both of us!

We supply our high quality lists to our dealers in two ways. We have a FREE WHOLESALE PROGRAM for our direct-mail leads...our most popular and best selling leads, as well as a REFERRAL PROGRAM which also offers EMAIL LEADS and INCLUDES YOUR OWN FULLY FUNCTIONAL WEBSITE ON OUR SERVER. Both programs are designed to give our dealers a great deal of flexibility as well as maximum profits.


If you have any questions please contact us by e-mail at
Paul C. Wilson
P.O. Box 26418
Tamarac, FL 33320-6418
FAX: 954-344-0996